February was National Library Lovers Month, and we wanted to know what people love about the Fulton Public Library. We received a ton of feedback from people of all ages, each with their own reason for loving their library. Here’s what everyone had to say:

“The Fulton Library is a place of welcome and learning for all ages of people. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. It is also one of the few Andrew Carnegie libraries in the area. Mr. Carnegie donated money to build libraries to enable EVERYONE an opportunity to read books. Women were not always encouraged to read at the time many libraries were built. Carnegie libraries required access to books for women, minorities and the poor. I am proud of our Carnegie library. I hope that the residents of Fulton will continue to support and maintain this important and historic building.” -Sally D. (Age 73)

“I LOVE being able to read actual physical books. I am old school and do not care for kindle, etc. I love that any title I want to read can be reserved no matter what library it’s at. The library has saved me a ton of money by not having to buy books which also allows me to give back to the library.” -Vicki W. (Age 53)

“The Fulton Public Library has one of the best children’s rooms around. It’s huge, welcoming and engaging for the little ones. My son loves playing with blocks on the carpet, coloring at the table and meeting other kids his age! Thank you FPL.” -Meghan L. (Age 29)

“The staff is great. I didn’t have a computer when my daughter was in school, and they helped her in so many ways. Thank you!” -Rosemarie C. (Age 60)

“I love that the Fulton library does so much for our community. I love that they bring people together and they take the time to talk to everyone and help them out.” -Rhonda P. (Age 53)

“I love the Fulton Public Library because they have a lot of good books that I like and they are really nice.” -Morgan D. (Age 8)

“The library has so much to offer from books, e-books, museum/park passes and more. It has saved my family hundreds of dollars! I love the convenience of being able to browse, borrow and put holds on books from the free library apps. I also love the friendly staff at the library. They have a variety of events and activities for all ages! I’m very thankful for our Fulton library.” -Cathleen M. (Age 41)

“The Fulton Public Library is my favorite place to go with my Mimi.” -Sophia (Age 6)

“I appreciate that the Fulton library has a great selection of movies to check out, including a lot of new movies that haven’t even made it to streaming yet. Great alternative for people that can’t afford the raising prices of Netflix and Hulu.” -Matt G. (Age 42)

“I frequently visit the Fulton Library to get new puzzles. They have a free puzzle exchange shelf, leave a puzzle, take a puzzle. Cool idea!” -Vicki S. (Age 71)

“I love bringing my granddaughter to the library for books. They have a great selection of picture books and board books for the youngest library goers.” -Marjorie S. (Age 51)

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